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Zombies game Common Troubleshooting
Time:2012-8-8 Announcer:Admin
A black and white display always show
1. The electric power supply to the motherboard (full first turn off the power, then restart the power-up);
2. motherboards to computer system communication line is broken;
Unable to put the boot into the system two black and white, constantly reboot problem
Check to see if the customer has inserted its own U disk, if any, unplug, and then on again.
Third, can not be put into the background debug mode
Check back line is not a red 3 orange 6 black, if not, will pick right up on it.
Fourth, display & ldquo; COM2 is not present & rdquo; or & ldquo; COM1 does not exist & rdquo;
Click the lower right corner of Start --- Settings & mdash; control panel & mdash; My Computer & mdash; the desktop --- My Computer Properties --- hardware ---- & mdash; Device Manager --- --- Right-port re-election installation
Five coin abnormal
1. Check whether the coin wrong;
2. Check the photocell is damaged;
3. Check the small coin card is adjusted to a normal power supply.

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