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Dongguan brief gaming mouse game manufacturers and requirements
Time:2012-7-27 Announcer:Admin

brief Gaming Mouse In general, the gaming mouse to respond to the needs of the game, adding a lot on the mouse button mouse. In addition to the general left and right buttons and scroll wheel, the left and right sides of the mouse are also provided with N function keys, function of these keys are re-set, but the premise must first install the mouse driver. In addition, gaming mouse is more reasonable than the ordinary mouse design point, in favor of more ergonomic feel

requirements gaming mouse a mouse in addition to the basic position and control the cursor, use the left and right buttons and scroll wheel outside, some additional features are also very concerned about some users, such as multi-functional side key, the macro key custom settings, resolution switching, driver software, statistics, the majority of users multi-function side key is needed because multifunctional hotkey either in daily use or office or game, is very useful, with such a multi-function buttons, a lot of when it is easy, one click you can, for example, call up the menu, forward / backward, play / pause, double click, etc., or is designed for game design side buttons, for example, a plurality of keys to the game skill set, respectively. The resolution switching or sensitivity control buttons, basically most users think of the standard.
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