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Dongguan game manufacturers briefly step selected handheld console
Time:2012-7-31 Announcer:Admin
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the later handheld game Be careful when the price is not the only factor considered, due to fierce competition in the market, in fact, profits handheld game is not very high, if a store is a lower price than many other stores, the price is necessary to consider whether they can be profitable price, and in this case some unscrupulous traders are likely to change the original parts stolen through higher profits. Therefore, in the selection of handheld game consoles, when taking into account not only the price is right, but also taking into account the credibility of the video store, a reputable video game store will be very value their reputation, do not do shoddy, sale also be safeguarded, so choosing a reputable video store is also necessary. Dongguan game manufacturers step below a brief selection of handheld game consoles:
The first to identify the business is not to sell the original machine, has not been replaced parts;
The second inspection screen pixel;
The third test button, each key will work, according to them very comfortable on the line;
In addition, the purchase of handheld game when the package is opened and other normal situation, because handheld game packed in the factory when there is no seal. Power setting screen can be restored. So as a start-up screen can not be determined whether the new machine basis.

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